Missing CDI Executive John Glasgow Declared Dead

John Glasgow, the Little Rock construction executive who has been missing for three years, was declared dead Wednesday by a Pulaski County Circuit Court judge.

"The circumstantial evidence of John's death is substantial," wrote Judge H. Vann Smith in his order. "John has been missing for three years without any credible information surfacing in that period that would suggest he might be alive somewhere."

Since his disappearance, Glasgow hasn't withdrawn any money from his bank accounts and took no money from the safe at his home, the order said.

"He had no other sources of money by which he could have supported himself for the past three years if he had been alive," Smith wrote.

Smith also noted the extensive media coverage and police investigators that looked into the disappearance of the longtime CFO of CDI Contractors in the early morning hours of Jan. 28, 2008. Glasgow's vehicle was found the next day parked outside Mather Lodge in Petit Jean State Park. Extensive searching as well as reviews of surveillance video turned up no more clues.

"John had absolutely no motive to disappear," Smith said in the order. "He was in no financial difficulty. He had no history of depression or mental health issues."

In February, Melinda Glasgow, the wife of John, filed the petitioned the Pulaski County Probate Division to have him declared dead. The petition recounted the familiar story of Glasgow's mysterious disappearance. The hearing on the petition was held Wednesday.

"It was about the saddest day of my life," Roger Glasgow, a Little Rock attorney and brother of John Glasgow, said of the hearing. "It was something that we felt like was appropriate, that needed to be done, but nevertheless the court's determination and acknowledgment that a loved one is deceased is difficult. It's like attending a funeral."