More Changes For TV Stations KATV and KTHV

KATV-TV, Channel 7, is on its way to filling out its staff, following departures in January and February.

Mark Rose, general manager for KATV, said that the station had found a replacement for former chief engineer Allen Fine, who left the station in January. Jim Church will serve as KATV's head of technology and operations, and also acts as a senior vice president within Allbritton Communications Co., the Arlington, Va., company that owns KATV.

Rose said that Church would be a big help in leading the station's transition to high definition.

Alyson Courtney, former morning show anchor at KTHV-TV, Channel 11, is also joining the KATV staff, though what position she'll be filling at the station is still unclear. Rose said that, at the moment, Courtney's exact role was still being decided.

"We're trying to figure that out," he said. "She is a personality that we had an opportunity to talk with and bring over to KATV. We have a great team over here, and I think she's going to be a great addition to what we have. Her talent will allow her to serve in several capacities."

Courtney's move to KATV is one piece of the bigger news shuffle that has been happening between KATV and KTHV.

In February, executive producer Nick Genty left KTHV to become the assistant news director at KATV, replacing Alan Faulkner, who had left in January. Katarina Marie-Yancey also moved from KTHV to KATV, before Genty made his switch.

KATV still has a position to fill, as News Director Randy Dixon announced his resignation from the station last month.

Though it does seem like a lot of shuffling, neither Rose nor KTHV News Director Chuck Maulden sees the changes as anything out of the ordinary.

"It happens," Maulden said. "It's a very public business. Other companies that are competitors hire people away all the time. It's just ours is a very public business." Maulden said that he didn't think it was happening any more often than it does in other industries, just that it was more noticeable.

Rose seemed to agree. "I think more than anything it's a coincidence," he said. "There's a ripple effect sometimes in our industry in the market. Someone leaves and someone gains. I think it's more of a coincidence. It just evolves sometimes."

Stay tuned to see if there are any more evolutions happening soon.