John Brown University Puts Wind Turbine on Campus for Student Study

John Brown University of Siloam Springs said Friday that it is building a wind turbine to help students learn about renewable energy. 

The 60-ft., 3.5 kilowatt capacity Windspot Turbine, donated to JBU by Spanish manufacturer Sonkyo Energy, will be tied directly to the Siloam Springs city grid to power trail lights around the university. The turbine is expected to produce 2000-3000 kilowatts per year, the university said.

The university's renewable energy faculty and students will conduct a one-year evaluation of the turbine production under the given wind conditions.

The wind turbine is scheduled to be installed on the west side of campus near the Engineering and Construction Management building site, currently under construction.

JBU's renewable energy degree includes courses in wind, solar and biomass energy, practical experience in designing, construction and monitoring renewable energy generators.

John Brown University is a private Christian university with more than 2,100 students from 39 states and 45 countries.