Black Oak Partners Assesses Data Quality

Another component to the information quality program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is a business incubator for companies based on information quality.

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Black Oak Partners LLC was formed in 2007 through the incubator and measures data quality, primarily in the health care, finance and insurance industries, said Rick McGraw, CEO and Acxiom Corp. veteran. Black Oak's processes and systems for measuring data quality are all patent-pending, he said.

Often, companies believe that all their data has the same weight, said Larry Mougeot, chief marketing officer of Black Oak.

"The internal data and the external data that they've purchased, they feel that it's all the same weight; it's all good stuff," Mougeot said. "Well the fact is, some of that data is fit for use and some of it isn't, and if they are making decisions based on wrong data, well, you can pick up any newspaper any day and see what happens to companies that do that."

McGraw said many of Black Oak's customers and prospects were Fortune 50 companies, but Mougeot said nondisclosure agreements prevented him from disclosing any specifics.