Rockfish Interactive Launches Custom Coupon Company, CouponFactory

Rockfish Interactive, a digital advertising agency with locations in Rogers and Little Rock, is launching a new company from its business incubator, Rockfish Labs. is a digital coupon website that retailers can use to create their own custom coupons.

Wade Allan, the vice president of retail at Rockfish Interactive, is leading the CouponFactory project, and he describes the website as "an online utility where any organization that wants to deploy coupons and easily create coupons can go and use a little Web utility to do it."

For example, Allan said, if "a company wants to create some coupons on the fly and get them out to market because they have extra inventory, quickly they could log into our system." And after the company has finished uploading information into the CouponFactory template, the coupons created would be pushed to various social networking websites. Customers would then be able to print them and bring them in to be redeemed.

CouponFactory is designed to be used in two different ways. Businesses working with smaller budgets or those that want to have a hand in the creative process can use the coupon template provided by CouponFactory and upload their own images, UPC codes and text to make the coupons custom. "You can change the colors; you can change the fonts," Allan said.

Those clients with the money and the desire to leave the creative work to Rockfish can do so, and the company will design and produce the coupons using its own creative team.

After creating the coupons, companies can choose where they want them to appear such as their own corporate websites and social networking pages. The coupons can also be fed through blogs, Allan said, with the Rockfish team contacting bloggers to get the coupons to those sites.

CouponFactory should be fully functioning in about a month, Allan said, and there are already signs that it will be a success. "We've already got clients who are asking for it," he said.