John Boozman Tops Blanche Lincoln in UA's Arkansas Poll

Republican John Boozman tops Democrat Blanche Lincoln in results from the University of Arkansas' latest Arkansas Poll, released Wednesday.

The poll, which surveyed 771 Arkansans between Oct. 8 and 20, found support for Boozman among "very likely voters" at 54 percent, Lincoln at 35 percent, and those who didn't know or didn't answer at 11 percent.

Among all respondents, Boozman led with 48 percent, with Lincoln at 38 percent and 16 percent didn't know or didn't answer.

The survey also refined data to remove "very likely voters" who didn't know or didn't answer. Among those, Boozman led with 61 percent to Lincoln's 39 percent.

Health Care, Economy

The economy was identified as the nation's most pressing problem by 52 percent of respondents, followed by health care at 14 percent and education at 13 percent.

The new health-care reform law is not favored by a majority of survey respondents. Fifty-three percent either disapproved or strongly disapproved of it, while just 27 percent approved or strongly approved.

Even among respondents who did not carry health insurance, the law was favored by only 35 percent who approve or strongly approve. Forty-two percent of respondents without health insurance disapproved or strongly disapproved of the law.

Keep Tax Cuts

A plurality of respondents favored keeping alive the Bush tax cuts -- 40 percent. Twenty-nine percent favored repealing the Bush cuts, while 16 percent favored repealing all tax cuts.

Another 42 percent of survey respondents identified themselves as independent, while the number identifying themselves as Republicans and Democrats dropped from 2009 numbers. The number of respondents identifying themselves as Republican dropped from 24 percent in 2009 to 21 percent in the 2010 survey. But Democrats fared worse. Twenty-eight percent identified themselves as Democrats in 2010, down from 33 percent last year.

Fifty percent of very likely independent voters leaned Republican, with 44 percent of that group indicating it felt closer to the GOP. Of the same group, just 21 percent felt closer to Democrats and 16 percent leaned Democrat.

A summary of the poll results are available here. The full results are available here