Neal Gladner to Join Crain Media as Vice President and General Manager

Starting Oct. 1, Neal Gladner will be joining Crain Media as vice president and general manager.

Gladner has a long history of working in Arkansas radio, including, most recently, as the director of sales and marketing for US Stations LLC in Hot Springs. He is a past president of the Arkansas Broadcasters Association, a past president of the National Association of State Radio Networks, a former chairman of the CBS Radio Affiliates Association and a former member of the Radio Advertising Bureau board of directors.

In his new position, Gladner said, he hopes to work with the team at Crain Media to "improve both the ratings and the revenue. You do that by taking great care of the listeners and the advertisers."

Gladner also expressed excitement at the chance to work with Crain Media owner Larry Crain Sr. "It's exciting to work with Larry because of his deep belief in radio," Gladner said. "As a businessman, he knows how effective it can be."

Crain had equal praise for Gladner. When the company was looking for a new general manager, Crain said, it thought of the work Gladner had done in the past and felt confident he would be a good fit for Crain. "We knew of his reputation in the past," Crain said, "and that he would be someone who we felt like would do an excellent job."

Crain Media operates seven radio stations throughout Arkansas. In Searcy, Crain Media stations include KWCK, KSMD and KEAZ. Crain Media Little Rock owns KHTE, KKSP and KOLL, and Crain Media Conway runs KCNY.