Auxora Arms Apartments Tenants Sue Owners, Centerpoint For Explosion

You may remember back in December 2007 that an explosion caused Auxora Arms Apartments to burst into flames.

Well, those tenants are a little chapped and have filed a civil suit in Pulaski County Circuit Court.

The defendants include the owners at the time of the explosion, the previous owners and CenterPoint Energy Arkansas Gas Corp.

Auxora Arms 2007 LLC, Latrese Atkins and American Community Developers Inc. were named as the then-owners, agents or parties in direct control. Auxora Arms LP and Jim Kincannon were the previous owners.

The 39 plaintiffs allege that the defendants failed "to repair, secure and monitor natural gas controls and ignition points so that an ultimate explosion was inevitable."

The plaintiffs have demanded a jury trial and seek unspecified damages.