Handyman Franchise Finds Fix in WLR

Mr. Handyman of Little Rock-West Little Rock
Owner: John Pierce
Address: 16623 Cantrell Road, Suite 2B, Little Rock
Phone: (501) 868-9500
Fax: (501) 325-0778
Hours: 7:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Mon.-Fri., 7 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Sat.
Startup: April 6
E-mail: John.pierce@mrhandyman.com
Web site: www.mrhandyman.com

John Pierce began his tenure in the working world in 1982. Over the course of the following years, he moved eight times, working in cities like Atlanta and Chicago. After a 21-year stint with Motorola, he began to look for more creative ways to explore his business potential.

Eventually, Pierce, 49, picked the Mr. Handyman franchise. He cited two reasons. First, he realized the necessity of the service. "You're going to have to do it whether or not you want to," Pierce said. "And I learned how to fix a lot of things over moving eight times." Second, he saw strong backing from Service Brands International, the corporation that owns Mr. Handyman as well as other service companies like Molly Maid Inc.

"Mr. Handyman is around 10 years old," he said. "There are 220 other ones across the country, which represents around 300 territories. It's a very large corporate team. You're only as good as the people that back you, and they have given me the best chance to succeed."

Pierce's Mr. Handyman is the first to open in Arkansas, and he expects to find competition mainly from local servicemen. But, according to Pierce, Mr. Handyman sets itself apart by the way it scrutinizes its employees. All of the service's technicians are employed by the service, rather than being subcontracted, are insured and lack a criminal background. "There are no shenanigans," Pierce said.