Association Execs Form Insurance Purchasing Group

The Arkansas Society of Association Executives has formed a separate nonprofit organization that will operate a statewide health insurance purchasing group that could provide competitively priced coverage to almost 500,000 employees.

Dennis Jungmeyer, longtime president of the Arkansas Automobile Dealers Association, is also president of Bravo, the purchasing group that will provide QualChoice coverage to ASAE's 130 member organizations and the employers who are members of those associations.

The auto dealers association, for instance, expects to save 60 percent on the health insurance it provides its staff, Jungmeyer said. And auto dealers who are members of AADA will also be able to buy into the Bravo plan to provide insurance coverage to their employees.

"This program is a purchasing group that will touch 130 associations statewide that will touch 50,000 employers and has the potential to touch a half million employees," Jungmeyer told

Stephens Insurance Inc. of Little Rock is the general agent for Bravo, which was incorporated as a nonprofit organization on Nov. 12, according to the Secretary of State's records. Coverage will be effective starting Jan. 1, Jungmeyer said.

About 70 different health insurance plans will be available through Bravo, and each employer's group will be underwritten individually, Jungmeyer said. Larger groups can offer their employees a menu of plans, he said.

Additional information on Bravo is available on the ASAE Web site.