A Few Good Words

Acxiom CEO John Meyer and his new management team sought to think up a few buzzwords to describe the company's function in a digestible and memorable way.

Meyer detailed the team's reasoning behind the choice of "global interactive marketing services firm."

Meyer said Acxiom ought to be marketing its services wherever they will sell and, in some cases, helping shape markets by introducing marketing services. "There's other parts of the world that don't even fathom what we're attempting or how we do it. And as a leader in what we do, we ought to be carrying that to them first," Meyer said.

That's why he and his team consider "global" an important adjective to help describe the company.

"Interactive is somewhat of an industry buzzword. I could have said digital because when people think about our business, they think a lot about direct mail. But in reality, direct mail is really just a subset of what we can do with e-mail, banner ads, [text messaging] and things. And so what I wanted was to find something that was not ignoring our past, which was direct mail, but incorporating whatever future channels may come."

Meyer expects forms of mobile advertising and video game and interactive television advertising to emerge, so an all-encompassing, forward-looking adjective was appropriate.

Meyer said "marketing services" was pertinent, even if less flashy. "We don't aspire to be running accounting systems."