The Death of a Sales Leader

The days of unique, obscure corporate titles at Acxiom seem to be drawing to a close.

The many "leaders" are becoming senior vice presidents and assuming other standard corporate titles.

For Meyer, the normalization is primarily about external clarity. "I think titles are more for external purposes than internal purposes," Meyer said. "People know inside companies who's doing what."

With all the changes in the company structure, new charts have been drawn up to ensure employees know the chain of command.

"I think calling somebody a leader is too nebulous because I think everybody is a leader in whatever they do," Meyer said. "They could be a technical leader. And to say you're a leader just because you manage people, I think downplays contributions that other people may and should have in a job."

"There seemed to be a lot of groundswell within the organization at getting away from [the nebulous titles]," Meyer said.