AYPN Elects New Directors

The Arkansas Young Professionals Network has elected a new board of directors, with only one director held over from last year.

And yes, some women made the cut.

Buckley O'Mell of Flake & Kelley Commercial was elected executive director, the presiding position, after serving as executive secretary last year.

O'Mell is joined by Angela Bradford, executive secretary; Chris Lash, finance director; Miranda Toombs, social director; Charlie Porter, communications director; Dustin Wilson, community outreach director; Shea Mathews, economic development director; Holden McHaney, professional development director; and Stoney Rawlins, membership director.

Last year's board turned into an all-boys club after some choice e-mails written by other board members were leaked to local blogs and the only two women on the board resigned. O'Mell said the organization is taking the fallout from those e-mails more seriously than it did at the time.

"We want to move forward from this, and we have an understanding of what's in front of us," he said. "There is nobody who takes lightly the e-mails from last year. We are focused on making AYPN the organization it should be."