KARN Vet Neal Gladner Takes Director of Sales Job With Hot Springs Radio Group

Neal Gladner, a 24-year veteran of Little Rock radio, says he has taken the sales director job at US Stations LLC of Hot Springs.

Gladner, who worked at KARN-AM/FM, 920/102.9, of Little Rock for 24 years in many capacities, announced he was leaving the station earlier this month. At the time, he did not say where he was going.

"It was a difficult decision because I was at KARN for so long. It was just a good opportunity." Gladner said. "I am grateful for the support at KARN and the send-off."

The US Stations job offers a chance to grow revenue, said Gladner, who worked his first day there on Monday.

US Stations include KQUS-FM, 97.5; KLXQ-FM, 101.9; KYDL-FM, 96.7; and KZNG-AM, 1340. The stations claim a combined weekly audience of 45,000. Charles Shinn, Gary Terrell and Craig Dale, all of Hot Springs, own the station.

Citadel Broadcasting Corp. of Las Vegas owns KARN and several other stations in the Little Rock market.