Craighead County Man Sues to Keep Settlement

A Craighead County man has sued Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield in an attempt to keep $130,000 he received as part of a personal-injury settlement.
ABCBS also has sued Johnny F. Van Horn in U.S. District Court in Jonesboro to try and collect the money it paid for his medical bills.
Van Horn was injured in an auto accident in California in 2006, according to the lawsuit he filed in Craighead County Circuit Court in February. The suit has since been transferred to U.S. District Court in Jonesboro.
Van Horn received a $365,000 settlement from the other driver's insurance carrier. He said in his lawsuit that ABCBS wants a cut of the settlement because it paid $130,000 for his medical bills.
Van Horn has asked the court to let him keep the money.
ABCBS's lawsuit argues that the insurance carrier should be reimbursed under the terms of his insurance policy. ABCBS also said Van Horn had agreed to settle the case in December for just under $100,000 but later backed out.
Now the insurance carrier wants the full $130,000, but it would also accept the $97,680 the parties previously agreed to.
Both lawsuits are pending.