Acxiom Announces Restructuring

Acxiom Corp. of Little Rock informed employees Thursday morning that the publicly traded data-mining company would be reorganized into three divisions that would operate fairly independently, spokesman Kelley Bass told
Bass described the changes as "inside baseball" that should be virtually transparent to customers.
The products division will be led by Alex Dietz, one of the original members of the management team hired in the early 1970s that built Acxiom out of a small, politics-oriented direct-mail house in Conway called Demographics.
Dietz was reportedly planning to retire in the near future, but Bass said the restructuring prompted Dietz to stay.
"He has changed his mind," Bass said. "In fact, he called [chief executive] Charles [Morgan] and said ... 'Hey, that sounds exciting. I'd like to stay and manage that."
The services division, the largest of the three, will be led by Lee Hodges, who has been the company's chief operating officer.
Marty Sunde, who has been running multi-industry client services, will head the infrastructure management division, which operates computer networks internally and on an outsource basis for client companies.