Stone Ward PR Department Thinning

The public relations cupboard at Stone Ward sure seems a little bare these days.
We've written about Bob Steel's departure for the morning radio gig at KARN-AM, 920, at the end of last year, followed by the recent departure of Charles Crowson to KTHV-TV, Channel 11, airwaves.
We learned last week that Andrea Morrissey, associate director of PR and second in line to 30-year veteran Brenda Scisson, is joining Mark Scott and Joe Holmes in leaving the state's second-largest advertising firm.
Scisson, naturally a glass-half-full type, says there's nothing abnormal going on at the firm and that the departures just happen to be occurring more or less simultaneously.
"You always hate to lose good people, but the agency business is notorious for turnover," Scisson said. "I have to say we're intent on marching forward, and we have an orderly plan to fill those positions in a timely fashion. On a positive note, we've been given a chance to build a new chapter, and we plan on taking full advantage of that."
Morrissey, according to Scisson, has taken a marketing and communications position at Mitchell Williams Selig Gates & Woodyard PLLC of Little Rock. Holmes is headed to replace Mitch Chandler as spokesman for the Ark-ansas Department of Economic Development, and Scott is headed back to his hometown of Conway to take a communications position at Hendrix College.
"One thing certain about life is change, and we're faced with a challenge to fill some big shoes on our staff," Scisson said. "But the business doesn't stop, and if things continue to come together, we'll have some exciting news to announce in the coming weeks and months."