The Correct Setup Golf Inc. Helps Golfers Improve Game

Owner: Stephen Raborn
Address: 1818 N. Taylor, PMB 250, Little Rock 72207
Phone: 501.301.7800 or 800.972.0065
Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Startup: December 15

In golf, you have to keep your eye on the ball. And with that focus in mind, Stephen Raborn launched his new company this month by rolling out his first product in a line of teaching aides for golfers.

The Correct Sight is an elliptical eyepiece that clips to the brim of a golfer's cap and encourages a steady head and constant eye contact with the ball throughout the swing. Raborn said the product is for golfers at any age and can even be used in at least one other sport: tee ball.

The product has had a four-year journey from concept to sales rack. In his spare time from working at Crews & Associates, where he continues to manage their retail brokers and first security branches, Raborn developed a network of business partners and investors who were committed to getting the Correct Sight in the hands and on the hats of golfers across the nation.

While Raborn is still ironing out the details of distribution, the marketing campaign is already underway. Adver-tisements are slated to run in the next editions of Golf Digest and Golf for Women in each of the magazines' shopping guides.

The demand is obvious, according to Raborn, citing the success of similar products and the fact that Americans spend close to $25 billion dollars on golf every year.

"Every golfer wants to get better at every level," Raborn said. "And every golfer that wants to get better will try something as long as they think that it makes sense." He emphasized that the simplicity of the Correct Sight makes its use compatible with other teaching aides.

Teaching aides such as an entire line of Correct Setup Golf products. Raborn said that he currently has five in development and intends to start producing next year. That, of course, depends on the success of the Correct Sight.

Whatever happens, Raborn said that his committed to giving his shareholders and partners a return on their investment by limiting his overhead costs.

"I don't want to have salaries; I want everybody that is involved to have incentive to make it grow," Raborn said. He currently has three employees.