KARK Sues Insurance Carrier Over Defamation Suit

You might remember a lawsuit filed against KARK-TV, Channel 4, back in June 2003 by a man who was allegedly caught on tape choking his 10-year-old son at a Cabot pizza parlor.

The man, Johnny Brock, filed a $2.5 million defamation suit against KARK in Pulaski County Circuit Court after he was found not guilty for the crime in a Cabot courtroom. After the incident, KARK broadcast the story three times in two days and included video of the incident obtained from the Funtastic Game Center.

KARK has now filed a suit against National Casualty Co., its Wisconsin insurance carrier, saying NCC is in breach of contract for not paying its part in a settlement reached with Brock on Feb. 9, 2003.

The suit says NCC "breached the insurance agreement by failing to pay all sums in excess of the applicable self-insured retention that (KARK) paid toward the settlement."

As a result of this breach, according to the suit, KARK and former owner Morris Multimedia Inc. have suffered damages in the amount of $102,767 and some change.

The suit was filed by James Simpson, an attorney at Friday Eldredge & Clark LLP.

We'll let you know what happens.