Alotian Club Roster Not Entirely Top Secret

You want to know who has joined The Alotian Club?

Well, there are only two officially confirmed members: Warren Stephens, owner and self-described "benevolent dictator," and Glen Day, the PGA golfer who now claims Alotian as his home course.

But the names of some of the members of the ultra-expensive, ultra-exclusive golf-only club off Highway 10 west of Little Rock have started to enter the public domain. The sources of this information are not going to be named, and they sure aren't the members themselves, who are rumored to have been cowed by the summary dismissal of two members whose lips proved too loose.

Suffice to say that Arkansas Business believes all of the following individuals to be members of The Alotian.

• Curt Bradbury, chief operating officer of Stephens Inc., the investment bank that Warren Stephens heads.

• Ralph Bradbury, Curt's brother and former president of Continental Express Inc.

• Bill Clark, chairman and CEO of CDI Contractors LLC, which is partially owned by Dillard's Inc.

• William Dillard II, chairman and CEO of Dillard's Inc., where Stephens is a member of the board of directors.

• Michael T. Flynn, who retired last year as assistant to Alltel Corp. CEO Scott Ford, who may also be an Alotian member.

• Joe Ford, chairman of Alltel and Scott's father.

• Byron Freeland of the Mitchell Williams Selig Gates & Woodyard law firm in Little Rock.

• Dr. Bill Henry, a Little Rock radiologist.

• Stan Payne, an executive with Rebsamen Insurance Co. of Little Rock.

• Martin Rhodes, who sold his Rhodes & Associates insurance agency to Brown & Brown in 2002 and was named president of Stephens Insurance Services in January.

• Gary Smith, former Arkansas president of Bank of America and owner of Glass Erectors of Little Rock.

The Alotian is cropping up on a lot of golf-related Web sites (including but does not have a site of its own. Stephens has strategically acquired domain names like,,, etc., but done nothing with them.