A Family Returns to Business

Five years ago, the family-owned City Business Machines of Little Rock was sold to Ikon Office Solutions of Pennsylvania.

As part of the agreement, Bill Rogers, CBM's head honcho, signed a non-compete agreement that had him playing golf for five years, his son, Brett, said.

But now Dad's gearing up to return to the office equipment arena.

About a year ago, Brett Rogers and his brothers purchased and began managing their former competition, Capital Business Machines. When their father returns this week, they will use his experience in boosting their business to the way it was when they were with CBM, he said.

"We're so excited to get back to something local to take care of our customers the way they should be taken care of," Brett Rogers said.

Bill Rogers, who had once been a familiar face on television, will be active again as a spokesman.

Capital Business Machines has been in Little Rock for 62 years, Brett Rogers said.