Greenwood and Party Safe, Awaiting Charter Home

FAYETTEVILLE — Mary Ann Greenwood, the prominent Fayetteville investment adviser, and a team from her firm, Greenwood & Associates, were inside the World Trade Center this morning when terrorists flew a hijacked passenger plane into one of its towers. Greenwood and her three employees made it out of the center in time to see a second hijacked plane crash into the other building and eventually cause it to crumble.

The Greenwood party was attending an annual conference for the National Association of Business Economists. Greenwood chairs the association's program board and is president of the firm.

Her husband Reed Greenwood, dean of the University of Arkansas' College of Education, was at the investment firm this afternoon securing a charter flight to bring the party home as soon as the Federal Aviation Association lock down on flights is lifted.

He told the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal that his wife's party was "shaken up, but safe."

With Greenwood in New York were Michael Britt, son of former Tyson Foods Inc. chief financial officer Wayne Britt, and fellow financial adviser Tyler Fowlkes.

Two UA students and Greenwood & Associates interns, Jamie Stockton and Sam Terry, were also attending the conference. Reed Greenwood said the group was stranded in at least three different locations as late as mid-afternoon.

"They saw the second plane hit the Trade Center tower and heard people screaming and hitting the sidewalk as they jumped out of the building," Reed Greenwood said."... This is just unbelievable, unbelievable."

Mary Ann Greenwood, Ph.D., CPA, is a UA alumna and a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts and the Association for Investment Management and Research.

She is currently staying with former Greenwood intern Nate Stinchcomb, who now lives in New York and was also attending the conference, until all of her party can be reunited.

Mary Ann Greenwood had flown to New York on Sunday. Her husband said she stayed Saturday night to attend the Razorbacks' football game with the University of Tennessee at Reynolds Stadium before heading to the conference.

None of the party had sustained injuries, Reed Greenwood said. He was in communication with his wife several times throughout the day and said that she was "upset but thankful to be OK."