International Food Mart for Lease?

What happened to International Food Mart in the Ashley Square shopping center at Rodney Parham and Reservoir Road?

The shelves are still stocked, but the business has been closed and a "for lease" sign has been in the window since late January.

Sandy Reaves, Tax Collector for the City Advertising and Promotion Commission of Little Rock, last received restaurant tax payment from the business in August. She hasn't been able to make contact with International Food Mart's managers or owners. International Food Mart's restaurant reported $11,377.69 in taxable restaurant sales from January-June last year, Reaves said. Paula Cox of the Ashley Co. in North Little Rock, owner of Ashley Square, said former owner Kieron Poulet sold the business to Monica Kabi.

Cox wasn't sure what Kabi's plan for the business was. Kabi could not be reached for comment.

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