Lakes, Forest Only Part of the Draw for Close-knit Glenwood, Mt. Ida

Glenwood and Mt. Ida are easygoing neighbors situated in the South’s oldest and largest national forest.

Glenwood, with a population of 1,715, and Mt. Ida, population 942, share space in the Ouachita National Forest and offer plenty of room in which to enjoy the abundance of creeks and lakes, mountains and woodlands and other attractions natural and man made.

The Caddo River flows through Glenwood, located at the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains in in Pike Co., while Mt. Ida is a crossroads community to Lake Ouachita and is part of Montgomery Co. Both towns offer a paradise for nature lovers and sportsmen alike.

Nearby are three fully accredited school districts, two four-year universities, four community colleges. Major sources of income include livestock, timber, mining and of course tourism supported by a number of resorts, hotels and restaurants.