Tijuana Byrd: Spicy Mix of Styles Define Leadership Greater Little Rock Class XXVII.

I can hardly believe another year of Leadership Greater Little Rock (LGLR) is near the end. It seems the time has flown by, no doubt because of the fun, energetic and inquisitive spirit of the 51 dynamic members of Class XXVII. There has never been a shortage of questions or dialogue in any session this year because this inquisitive class will challenge or bolster the opinions offered by each presenter. That is what this experience is all about.

Leadership is organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal. LGLR does just that in order to expose every participant to all that the Little Rock region has to offer, as well as the challenges facing the community and the opportunities to lead. Every person participating brings something unique to the experience, and in the case of the members of Class XXVII, it’s certainly not shyness.

Class XXVII is a spicy blend of every type of leader. There are the authoritarians who, without seeking outside advice, tell others what they want and how they want it done. There are quite a few small “d” democratic leaders who seek a majority’s opinion to determine what to do and how to do it. There are also a number of delegating leaders who empower others to make the decisions. Still others have a combination of these and other styles.

I have shared with many that I became involved with LGLR because Leila Alston (Class XI, Baptist Health, Former Chairman) told me I had to. Now, I thank Leila for making me do it, as I am so much better for the experience.

When I graduated with Class XXIV (aka The Real Deal), I remember thinking, “What will I do now on the third Thursday each month?” Well, thanks to the LGLR Board of Trustees, LGLR Alumni Association Board of Directors, and Executive Director Judy Knod, those Thursdays have been filled for the last two years. I have had the distinct pleasure of serving along with Gary Parrish (Class XVIII, Parrish Delivery Services), this year’s Curriculum Chairman, who, even with his very full professional and personal life, has remained fully committed to supporting the class — always concerned about getting it right.

Congratulations, Class XXVII, on a job well done. May your high spiritedness spill over into every issue or cause that you join, lead, or initiate. There is plenty to do, and I encourage you to continue to contribute to the efforts to make our community better and stronger.


Tjuana C. Byrd (Class XXIV)

Law Office of Tjuana Byrd