From the State Chamber of Commerce President Randy Zook

Well done! Congratulations to all the members of Leadership Arkansas Class V. The Leadership Program is a challenging one. However, you have successfully completed the program, which shows your remarkable commitment to stepping into the roles of leadership — whether that’s in business, community or elected office. We need more emerging leaders like you to make a difference in Arkansas.

Leadership Arkansas’s curriculum is a rich blend of experiences that acquaint the participant with both statewide and regional challenges that need to be addressed in your local community, Arkansas and the nation. Learning the success of Arkansans who are already making things happen throughout the state by touring plants, listening to expert presentations and talking with leaders in their communities will provide you with the tools you need to be successful in your own professional and individual lives.

Our goal is to build on a core of material that focuses on the theme of How Arkansas Works economically, academically and politically. We will continue to refine our program to create a cohort of people across Arkansas who are well prepared to step into leadership roles. Thank you for helping us achieve our goal with your participation in Leadership Arkansas Class V.

If you aspire to be a part of the answer, not a part of the problem, give Leadership Arkansas a close look. Susie Marks in our office would be happy to give you details.

On behalf of the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce and Associated Industries of Arkansas, congratulations to all the member of Class V.


Randy Zook

President and CEO