SUMOTEXT: Little Rock Firm Redefining Mobile Marketing (Sponsored Report)

Buzzwords emerge because they redefine the way we live, work, or play. They require mastery, if for no other reason than to give us the words to communicate with the corporate masses and understand what Jim Cramer is talking about on Mad Money.

While the term “Mobile Marketing” as a buzzword is more self-descriptive than “The Cloud”, “Big Data”, or “Gamification”; to understand its true significance, one must recognize how Mobile Marketing has helped evolve advertising from Brand Marketing to Actionable Marketing.

Brand Marketing vs. Actionable Marketing

The image of a beautiful woman lying next to a white Bengal tiger, with her arm draped over the side of a chaise lounge, was once considered the best way to sell a $10,000 timepiece. Today, it’s more common to see a URL to a mobile web site, a QR code to scan to watch a video, a short code to text your email address, and of course those familiar logos that remind us to find the brand at a social destination or app store.

In other words, today’s marketers demand more than branding from their advertising budgets. They want action, and they want that action to connect with the company in some measurable form.

The good news is that the mobile phone has made this possible for offline channels like Radio, TV, Print, and Billboards. And while QR code scanning and mobile web site surfing are still relegated to the affluent minority, invitations to call or send a text message remain ubiquitous tools for brands to overcome consumer inertia and consummate the relationship.

Product Creation is the Key to Scale

Ranked #1 by in 2011 and 2012, SUMOTEXT continues to innovate with a focus on building the most advanced online products that are shared by all its customers. “While our competitors replicate the agency model and continue to expand both their head count and service offerings, SUMOTEXT is going to continue enhancing our core platform,” said Tim Miller, President of SUMOTEXT.

With over 300 clients, including such diverse brands as EA Sports, L’Oreal, The National Guard, New York Racing Association, and Heifer International, SUMOTEXT has proven its appeal to a broad range of marketers who have graduated from competitor’s outsourced, “managed services”, and empowered their organization with the tools they need to plan, execute, and measure their mobile marketing campaigns in-house.

Geo Fences and Abbreviated Dial Codes

In January, SUMOTEXT released a new tool for clients to draw geo fences around their store locations for “location-aware” messaging. This allowed multi-unit retail or restaurant brands to promote a consistent marketing message and “call-to-action” across multiple channels and geographies while responding with targeted offers/rewards based on the location of the customer’s mobile device.

In May, SUMOTEXT attracted John Styers, former General Manager of the Sprint Mobile Media Network, to join its management team. John’s experience also includes being a founding member and executive board member of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and Chairmanship of the Annual Global Messaging Congress in Europe.

SUMOTEXT followed in June by announcing an exclusive partnership agreement with Zoove Corporation, the wireless carriers’ official national registry of the newest abbreviated dial codes called StarStar codes. StarStar codes provide a fast, familiar and easy way for consumers to respond to Radio, TV and Print ads through a simple phone all. They are easy to dial, easy to remember, and can engage callers with menus, SMS, and MMS.

The agreement gives SUMOTEXT the exclusive license to Zoove’s most popular generic StarStar codes that describe local business service categories including **BANK, **LIMO, **EDU, **TOW, **SOLD, **SMILE, **2020, and **INJURED. By applying the SUMOTEXT geo fences around each of Arbitron’s 284 defined radio listening markets, SUMOTEXT will sub-license these vanity phone numbers to a different customer in each local radio market.

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