Congressman Griffin Replies to Lawyer Kitchens (Letter to the Editor)

In Response
Regarding medical malpractice reforms, Little Rock trial lawyer Tre' Kitchens wrote in a July 23 letter to the editor about me: "I invited him to have a conversation about these important subjects, and to date he hasn't accepted my invitation."

Earlier this month I did write to Mr. Kitchens about medical malpractice reforms, and, as I understand, my staff reached out to him prior to that.  Additionally, I checked our records, and neither my staff nor I spoke with Mr. Kitchens regarding a meeting, but I have asked my staff to contact him to set up a meeting.

In any event, I am always available for my constituents, and anyone is welcome to set up an in-person meeting with me. The number for my Little Rock office is (501) 324-5941. Also, I interact with my constituents at I look forward to meeting with Mr. Kitchens.

U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin
Little Rock