VIDEO: Skip Bayless Picks Razorbacks To Win BCS Title, Thinks Tyler Wilson Is A 'Stud'

Skip Bayless seems to tick off most of the sports loving public every time he talks. Arkansas fans might have to dislike him less after a recent college football discussion on ESPN's First Take.

Bayless picked Arkansas over Southern Cal in the BCS title game in a segment with Stevenphen A. Smith. Bayless said: “I’ve just got a feeling about Arkansas. The SEC West schedule favors the Arkansas Razorbacks. They have both LSU and Alabama [at home].”

Then Steven A. and Skip screamed at each other about Bobby Petrino, John L. Smith and other stuff until they came to an agreement on Razorback quarterback Tyler Wilson.

Bayless called Tyler Wilson a “stud” and Smith says, “Yes he is. Yes he is.”

Then they yelled some more.

Video is below: