Contractor Sues Supermarine Over Airport Project

Remember when Supermarine was building a $25 million facility at Little Rock's Clinton National Airport? A contractor from that project is suing Supermarine for unpaid dues.

According to a lawsuit filed in Pulaski County, Weaver-Bailey Contractors Inc. of El Paso (White County) worked for Supermarine of Little Rock on the airport project between 2008 and 2010. Weaver-Bailey's work was done by Feb. 3, 2010, and around the same time, Supermarine stopped the project.

According to Weaver-Bailey's attorney, Charles "Skip" Davidson of Little Rock, the contractor hadn't yet been paid its accumulated retainage fee: a portion, usually around 10 percent, of the contract that's withheld by the owner until the completion of the project. In Weaver-Bailey's case, it was about $330,000.

"Weaver-Bailey considered the job completed, and so the retainage should be paid to Weaver-Bailey," Davidson said.

Between February and October 2010, Weaver-Bailey requested the payment three times. In 2012, when the project started up again, Weaver-Bailey requested the retainage once more. Supermarine responded by terminating Weaver-Bailey's remaining contract, the suit says.

The contractor is suing Supermarine for the retainage fee and for court and attorney costs.

John Mears, general manager of Supermarine, was not available for comment.