Nude Man Makes The News

An unclothed man sauntered through a KARK-TV, Channel 4, interview about storm damage Sept. 2 in Benton.  

An officer from the Saline County Sheriff’s Office arrested the man, Nathaniel Koba, 22, while KARK’s cameras were still recording. KARK journalist Joseph Booker filmed the incident.

On the video, Koba walks out of some woods and wanders slowly along a neighborhood street prior to his arrest.

KARK of Little Rock aired the video, blurring to hide the naughty bits, and reported Koba’s on-camera arrest for charges of indecent exposure and public intoxication.

KARK General Manager Austin Kellerman said in an email to Outtakes that his station aired the video because it was “an unusual arrest caught on camera.”

“We thought our audience would be interested in seeing the strange happening that we happened to see,” Kellerman said. “Judging by the web hits, the interest was certainly there and remains there today. called the station this morning asking for the video because they saw it on”

KARK is an NBC affiliate.