Scott Reed Sues Porter's Jazz Cafe for Unpaid Rent

It looks like the owners of Porter's Jazz Cafe in downtown Little Rock are singing the blues again.

Its landlord, Little Rock downtown developer Scott Reed's K Lofts LLC, has sued Porter's and its owners for the second time in a year for allegedly failing to pay rent.

K Lofts is seeking $12,618 in back rent, nearly $125,000 for rent that's due for the remainder of the lease and an additional unspecified amount of damages from Porter's and its owners, Augusta Farver Jr., Milton Shannon and Marcel Dean, who personally guaranteed the debts of the club, according to K Loft's lawsuit filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court.

Reed declined last week to comment on the case, and Porter's owners couldn't be reached for comment.

If you recall, K Lofts sued Porter's in January for unpaid rent that totaled $10,212. But then, it looked as if both sides would reach an agreement and make beautiful music together.

K Lofts dismissed the case in March after Porter's agreed to make a number of changes at the club, including adding a lift for handicapped customers and fixing a exhaust vent so grease and dirt from the club wouldn't end up at the neighboring property of the Rose Law Firm, according to the lawsuit.

Porter's didn't add the lift or fix the vent, the lawsuit said. And to make matters worse, Porter's paid only $3,000 of the $5,106 rent for June. Porter's allegedly missed rent payments in July and August.

K Lofts tried to kick Porter's out of the building at the end of July, but Porter's wouldn't budge. There's no telling what the status of Porter's is now. But a new private club might be in the location in a few months.

Porter's phone has been disconnected. The inside of the building looked vacant on Thursday. The Porter's signs were gone on the outside of the building, but a boarded-up front window remained.