How Will Your Business' Bottom Line Be Impacted by Health Care Reform? (From the Publisher)

How to provide quality health insurance to employees — and at an affordable price — has long been a serious challenge for Arkansas businesses. And now, with the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, questions abound about how health care reform will affect businesses, their employees and individuals.

What are the legal requirements? What options do employers have? What are the tax implications? How will providers be affected? And how does this change the coverage and care we have now?

It’s with these questions in mind that Arkansas Business, in cooperation with our distinguished group of partners, presents our Health Care Reform Symposium along with this special supplement.

We have always strived to cover and provide a forum for the latest business trends and issues and hope you will find the information shared by our speakers and in this publication helpful. Health care reform affects business big and small and in myriad ways, so we’ve assembled experts to explain and analyze the many facets of health insurance and health care impacted by the law’s implementation.

I am especially grateful for our expert lineup of speakers for their time, insight and assistance. Our appreciation goes to BKD, LLP; Kutak Rock; QualChoice Health Insurance; Stephens Insurance; and St. Vincent Health System, our sponsors; and also the Arkansas Department of Human Services, the Insurance Department, the Department of Human Services and state Sen. Jonathan Dismang.

This symposium and special report offer a unique opportunity for you, as Arkansas employers, to learn more about health care reform so you can make the decisions that are best for your employers and your company.


Jeff Hankins

President and Publisher, Arkansas Business