St. Vincent Restructures Nurses' Pay at Wal-Mart Clinics

St. Vincent Health System of Little Rock has changed the pay structure of its advanced practice nurses at its clinics in four Wal-Mart Stores, St. Vincent CEO Peter Banko told Arkansas Business on Monday.

The approximately 10 APNs that work at the clinics in Wal-Mart Stores in North Little Rock, Sherwood, Bryant and Little Rock will go from salaried positions to hourly rates, Banko said.

St. Vincent had based the APNs' salary on the assumption that they were working 40 hours a week. But "in a two week period ..., they were working 57 hours and getting paid for 80," Beverly Derrickson, vice president physician enterprise, told Arkansas Business.

Under the new pay structure, APNs will end up working more hours than they have been, but paid at the same hourly rate, she said.

"We're not cutting the rate, we're just paying for the hours that they're actually working," said James Tanner, senior vice president and chief medical officer.

Only the Sherwood and Bryant clinics are making a profit, Banko said.

The new salary structure should help all the clinics break even during the last six months of St. Vincent's fiscal year, which ends June 30, Tanner said.

The patient volumes vary at the clinics but Sherwood sees about 25 patients a day while the clinic at 19301 Cantrell Road in Little Rock treats about 10, Derrickson.

If the clinics improve their financial health, St. Vincent would possibly open more clinics inside Wal-Mart Stores next summer, Banko said.

The partnership between St. Vincent and Wal-Mart was announced in 2008.