A Reader Remembers Phillips Men's Store

An Arkansas Business reader pointed out a fact not mentioned in a story in the Sept. 17 issue: The new Home Fresh Burgers restaurant that was noted is going into what once was Phillips Men's Store.

The reader? Jane Phillips of Little Rock, who says in an email that her father, Charles Phillips, and late uncle J.E. Phillips ran the store at 608 Main St. in Little Rock together.

The store operated at that location from 1963 until 2004.

The store sold military uniforms and rented out formal wear — and put young Jane to work at an early age, she said.

She and her brother, C.E. Phillips, waited on customers, "put the outfits together" for the formal wear rentals and "When we were a little older we were sent to the banks for daily deposits," Phillips said.

"I have many fond memories since my brother and I started working in the family business when I was 9 and he was 10," Phillips writes. "Those were the days — having a business on Main Street. My family was one of the last to close. My father wanted to stay open but everyone that worked for him wanted to retire. They had been with him for 35-40 years."

Her father is now 87, Phillips, 62, said.

As for the coming burger joint, Phillips is looking forward to it and calls it "making progress" on Main Street.

"I have promised to take my father for a hamburger there when it opens. He is thrilled and so am I," she said.