Benton Hospital Opens David Lipschitz's Healthy Aging Center

The Healthy Aging Center at Saline Memorial Hospital in Benton opened Oct. 8 in an effort to provide accessible health services and preventive programs for baby boomers and other senior adults.

Known for their work with aged adults, Dr. David Lipschitz and Dr. Hosam Kamel will be responsible for the medical management of the Healthy Aging Center.

"I am very pleased that Saline Memorial Hospital decided to launch the Healthy Aging Center in Saline County," Kamel said. "I believe that this program fills an existing void and will greatly enhance the care of older adults in Saline County and surrounding areas."

Among the goals of the program are to provide primary care for aging adults as well as specialized care for conditions that specifically affect seniors such as falls, osteoporosis, memory loss and dementia.

"We believe in caring for couples, so if you are married, bring your spouse, friend or partner," said Lipschitz, who was associated with The Longevity Center at St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center until early this year. "We plan to develop a unique educational program to empower our patients to be better consumers of health care and to help maintain their health and prevent disease."

The 2,115-SF Healthy Aging Center is located in Suite 305 of the Medical Office Building B, adjacent to the main hospital.

For more information, call (855) 690-9355 or visit