Lorem Oops-um: Murphy USA Site Not Ready for Prime Time

Did you know that Tony Hawk, Snookie and Donald Trump are all working for Murphy USA?

Back in July, Whispers reported that Murphy USA was working on a new website to replace the buggy site that was less than a year old.

The new site has launched, but it’s got a few kinks. The page for contributors to its “The Smarter Driver” blog looks like it went out the door unfinished. It shows stock photos of Bette Davis, John Lennon and Carolyn “Morticia Addams” Jones (also labeled as Bette Davis) along with the traditional “Lorem Ipsum” Latin placeholder text.

Even more amusing, the list of contributors on the page includes the celebrities mentioned at the top and others, like Snow White handling “Disney relations,” Elton John on “vibrancy” and Lady Gaga on “shock & awe.”