Neal Gladner Resigns from Crain Media Group, Will Leave Arkansas

After 28 years of working for Arkansas radio stations, Neal Gladner is leaving the state.

Gladner resigned Monday from his position as vice president and general manager of Crain Media Group LLC in Sherwood.

The radio veteran has taken a job as vice president of sales and marketing for a broadcast company outside of Arkansas. He has no plans to be on the air. Gladner starts the new position Jan. 2.

Gladner currently hosts a weekday morning show for Crain's KKSP-FM, 93.3, (Fresh Talk) and will remain on air through Dec. 7, if not slightly longer, Gladner told Arkansas Business.

"I'm going to work for a company that I know very well and I've known for a long time. They tried to recruit me before. This time they were successful," he said. "It's a peaceful departure."

Gladner declined to give specifics about his new job and said he did not know who would replace him at Crain.

Larry Crain Sr., owner of Crain Media, did not return phone calls.

Gladner came to Arkansas in 1984 to work as news and program director for KARN-FM, 102.9, and the Arkansas Radio Network, where he stayed for 24 years. He also worked two years for U.S. Stations Group of Hot Springs. Crain Media hired him in 2010.  

Gladner is originally from Newark, N.J., and began his radio career in 1973.