Henry Management Troubles Spread to Oklahoma

Add another apartment complex to the troubled pile of Henry Management Inc. properties.

In case you’ve forgotten, Henry Management runs numerous properties in and out of state. Several of its local apartments have lately been the subjects of lawsuits and foreclosures. The company is evidently in dire financial straits, and Little Rock city officials have termed one of its properties a criminal hotbed.

David Wehrle, an apartment building owner in Dallas, called us up last week to chat about his experiences with Henry Management.

Wehrle owns the Coyote Ridge Apartments in Altus, Okla., which have been under Henry management for the last two years. Wehrle didn’t want the details in print, but suffice it to say he’s not renewing Henry Management’s contract when it expires on Dec. 31. He said he had assumed management of the units until the end of the year.

After making this decision, Wehrle wanted to learn more about Henry Management’s situation. However, apparently getting hold of Henry Management has been just as difficult for him as it has for us — so he just called us instead.

We were happy to help.