Neal Gladner to Start Job With Louisiana Radio Network

Arkansas radio veteran Neal Gladner wrapped up his final morning show Dec. 7 on Little Rock’s KKSP-FM, 93.3 (Fresh Talk), and is preparing to move to Louisiana. Gov. Mike Beebe was the guest on his last show.

Besides being an on-air personality, Gladner was vice president and general manager of KKSP owner Crain Media Group LLC in Sherwood.

Gladner starts his new position Jan. 2 as vice president of sales and marketing for the Louisiana Radio Network of Baton Rouge. The network provides hourly news and agricultural and sports programming to radio stations across Louisiana.

The new job offers both personal and professional benefits, Gladner said. Gladner has had a long relationship with the Louisiana Radio Network, but leaving Arkansas “was a very hard decision,” Gladner said. “I came here 28 years ago intending to stay.”

In addition, his daughter, who recently graduated from law school and got engaged, lives near where he’ll be working, he said.

Crain Media owner Larry Crain Sr. did not return phone calls.