Arkansas Rep. Greg Leding: Just Call Him '@G'

While reading our cover story about the effects Twitter has on the state’s legislative session, you may have noticed something odd about Rep. Greg Leding’s Twitter handle.

Leding, a Democrat from Fayetteville, has two handles, one of which is @G. That’s not a typo: Leding indeed possesses one of the 26 single-letter Twitter handles in existence. In 2011, The Atlantic featured Leding and the other 25 single-letter accounts, most of which have thousands of followers, in an article.

Leding told Whispers that he started using Twitter in the fall of 2008 with the handle @gregleding. In those days, he said, if a certain handle appeared to be abandoned, a user could request it from the Twitter brass.

“I looked up the @G handle, and it looked like it belonged to somebody in Italy,” Leding said. “The person hadn’t posted in a month, so I sent an email to Twitter support. I didn’t get anything back until about three weeks later, when my account just automatically switched over to @G.”

Twitter has since changed its rules, cementing Leding’s command of @G. As @G, Leding has more than 17,000 followers. He also still runs @gregleding, which has about 1,300 followers.