Carter, Lamoureux: There's No Rush On Medicaid Expansion Issue

LITTLE ROCK — The incoming leaders of the Arkansas House and Senate say they don't see any rush to consider expanding Medicaid's eligibility under the federal health care law and say they'll do whatever it takes to avoid cuts to the program proposed to fill a shortfall in its budget.

Incoming Senate President Michael Lamoureux and House Speaker Davy Carter said Monday they still have unanswered questions about the proposal to add about 250,000 people to the state's Medicaid rolls. The two Republicans said they're not yet sold on the idea.

(Video: Carter and Lamoureux on Gov. Mike Beebe.)

Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe supports the expansion, but it'll take a three-fourths vote in both chambers to enact it. The Legislature convenes for its session Jan. 14.

The two spoke at a pre-session forum hosted by the Associated Press Managing Editors Association.

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