Signs for Arkansas Wine Trail Soon To Be Posted

Your Whispers staff visited with Michael Post the other day. He’s CEO of Mount Bethel Winery in Altus and president of the Arkansas Wine Producers Association.

We wondered whether Arkansas vintners had taken any steps toward lobbying the state Legislature to change the Arkansas law that forbids shipment of Arkansas wines out of state.

It’s a situation that, the wineries say, seriously hampers their ability to promote wine tourism in Arkansas, which, we admit, we think is something of a shame.

Post said that there had been no real movement in that direction yet, “although it’s a never-ending discussion among the wineries because it is crucial aspect of the business economics of wineries in most states.”

But he did have some good news about wine tourism in the state:

“We have met with the Highway Department concerning the Arkansas Wine Trail, and fairly soon I think you can expect to see highway signs that designate the Arkansas Wine Trail and the location of the various wineries around the state.”

Similar to the Arkansas Golf Trail, we assume.

The signs will be the brown with white lettering, he said, the kind used to designate attractions in Arkansas. The state Wine Producers Council is paying for the signs, which will cost something in the neighborhood of $15,000 to produce.