LR Firm Writes Prescription For Home Energy Savings

Home Energy Rx, a Little Rock company that opened amid skyrocketing temperatures and energy bills in August, works to diagnose home energy deficiencies.

Home Energy Rx is an approved auditor and contractor for local utility companies that offer money-saving energy-efficiency incentives.

Owners Matt Bell and Chris Ladner of Little Rock have tailored Home Energy Rx to residential clients, after first opening Viridian, a sustainable building-consulting firm focused on the needs of the business community, more than five years ago.

By working out of Viridian’s existing space at 100 Gamble Road in Little Rock, the partners’ new venture was able to save on its energy costs and office space, but still racked up about $150,000 in startup costs for trucks and equipment.

Anyone who experiences high utility bills, finds some rooms hotter or colder than others or is just curious about his home’s energy performance is a good candidate for Home Energy Rx’s free checkup, Bell said.

The company’s certified staff uses visual inspections and diagnostic tests such as infrared imaging and duct blower tests to provide clients with written and pictorial summaries of their homes’ energy consumption along with recommendations for specific solutions, such as duct sealing, insulation and lighting upgrades as needed.

Home Energy Rx can implement the fixes while also helping clients take advantage of rebates to save money on the upgrades and, in the long run, with lower energy bills. The company can often find rebates that cover up to 40 or 50 percent of the total cost of repairs, Bell said.

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