'DC' Returning to 'Heather & DC' Morning Show on Alice

Willard Moran — or disc jockey “DC” from the “Heather & DC in the Morning” show on hit music station KLAL-FM, 107.7 (Alice 107.7), of Little Rock — was slated to return to his morning radio show last Friday.

Moran had been absent for more than a month. He was reported missing Dec. 7, resulting in a police search. He turned up later that day at his house, but did not return to work.

Moran hadn’t appeared on his show since before Dec. 7, said Randy Cain, KLAL program director.

“We’ve missed him and he has missed being on the show every morning. He’s ready to get back to work,” Cain said. “We would continue to respect his privacy in regard to what’s transpired since Dec. 7.”

Cain declined to comment more specifically on Moran’s situation.