Cantrell Road Widening Could Displace Businesses

Did you hear that the forthcoming construction on a short stretch of Cantrell Road in Little Rock is going to displace some businesses?

In case you didn’t know, the state is widening Cantrell between Mississippi Street and Perryville Road, and that means some of the shops near the right of way will be affected.

One is Terry’s Finer Wines at 6700 Cantrell Road, which closed last week in preparation to move to its new location, a vacant building across the street at 7011 Cantrell.

Robert “Ro” Arrington, the shop’s manager, said it’s not really a problem for him. The 60-year-old liquor store will be able to keep its clientele — mostly from the Heights area, Arrington said — and the state is paying for the move.

Arrington said the store is slated to reopen Feb. 1.

On the other hand, Ken Rash’s of Arkansas, a furniture store at 7214 Cantrell, isn’t having such an easy time. According to Brandon Hawkins, an employee, the business will have to move but hasn’t yet found a new space.

Less certain is the future of the strip of shops at the corner of Cantrell and Keightley, where the state may be building a turn lane. An employee of Al’s Tobacco in that strip said he had heard some of the businesses may need to move, but was not aware of specifics.

Others, like Damgoode Pies, will just lose parking. An assistant manager for the pizza restaurant said it may have to send out a parking attendant to direct traffic, but the building should be safe.

The road work doesn’t start until later this year, but the state can’t start until the businesses are moved, Arrington said.