National Science Foundation Gives Hendrix $400,000 Grant

The National Science Foundation this month awarded a $415,515 grant to Hendrix College in Conway for a project overseen by Andrea Duina, a biology professor at the college.

The foundation, based in Arlington, Va., will fund the grant over three years. The grant is funding a research project on yeast cells. The research should provide a better understanding of the basic molecular processes that control how cells use genes to produce proteins, Duina said. Yeast cells are similar to human cells.

“We are trying to understand how specific proteins are involved in this process,” Duina said. The new scientific research “can be used to understand cell biology in general, including human biology.”

The first $157,723 of the grant is guaranteed to Duina’s project. The NSF will fund the rest of the grant, depending on the progress of the project and money availability.

The funding will pay for, among other things, supplies and equipment, travel to scientific conferences, publishing and salaries for students’ summer lab work.

Twelve undergraduate students will work on the project in Duina’s laboratory, and up to 50 others will conduct related experiments during one or two advanced cell biology courses taught by Duina.

Duina previously received a total of $843,743 in NSF grant funding while at Hendrix.