Little Rock's Meryll Beauty Touts Argan Oil for Damaged Hair

Meryll Beauty Products of Little Rock, a cosmetics company founded in April 2011, has launched a product to treat damaged hair.

The product is a “pure and organic” argan oil serum used to smooth and improve the condition of unhealthy or otherwise uncooperative hair. It’s rich in vitamin E, which benefits both skin and hair, the company says, and is used to repair damage caused by chemicals or dyes. Argan oil is derived from the argan tree, which grows in Morocco.

Owner and Director of Operations Matcha Felcher, who hails from South America, said that while Moroccan oil was not a new discovery, her product stood out from other competitors because of its natural contents.

“There are lots of benefits, but other products are not pure,” she said. “They contain a lot of silicone” and unnatural oils, she said.

The serum had already been tested in South America before Felcher’s arrival in Arkansas. She’d given it to several people — including those with acne, blotchy skin and psoriasis — and saw substantial results.

“I came to the conclusion that benefits are only obtained if you have the pure argan oil, and that’s still fairly rare in the States,” Felcher said.

Since the product launched in August, Meryll has sold more than 600 bottles. While the company is still searching for distributors in the United States, it’s also seeking distributors in the Caribbean, notably in smaller countries such as Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.

Felcher has plans to offer other products containing the company’s signature argan oil, including formulas and scrubs that can’t be found in local drugstores or national chains.

“At the end of March, we’re going to launch a hot oil treatment that will contain argan oil, coconut oil — which is made in our family by hand — and broccoli seed oil so it will be pure and organic,” she said. “It’s already been tested, and it’s amazing.”

Other future products include a hand scrub containing soy butter and a facial primer that will consist of argan, sweet almond and essential oils. Felcher is also championing a new body oil, which will contain grape seed oil to rid its users of dry and itchy skin.

The argan oil serum and other products may be purchased at the company’s website, Fore more information, call (501) 420-2423.