Little Rock Realtors Association Creates New Awards Ceremony

Did you hear the Little Rock Realtors Association is starting its own awards program?

The LRRA is opting out of the Arkansas Realtors Association’s Awards for Excellence program. Libby Sheard, an executive officer at the LRRA, said the ARA needed to “make some changes” to balance the larger LRRA with the smaller boards in Arkansas.

“So it was just better for us to create our own awards ceremony,” Sheard said. “It just simply provides more of an opportunity for our commercial, residential and property managers to participate in the program.”

The new program will be called the Realtor Awards for Distinction.

The ARA, for the record, has stated that it supports the move.

The LRRA “made a decision to have their own recognition program to include some criteria that the ARA may no longer include,” ARA President Bill Olson said in a statement. “The ARA is completely supportive of their decision and recognizes that local boards across the state may choose to have their own awards recognition program.”