Acxiom Lays Off 'Less Than 100' Companywide, 'Fewer Than 50' in State

Acxiom Corp. has confirmed that a reorganization at the Little Rock company has resulted in "less than 100" jobs being cut companywide, with "fewer than 50" being affected in the state.

Company spokesman Wyatt Jefferies said the layoffs were part of adjustments common to "all companies."

"We constantly assess all of our work force and make adjustments from time to time," he said. "These types of actions are something the company never wants to do."

Jefferies declined to comment on the types of jobs cut, but he did say they were all from the same department.

He also said Acxiom (Nasdaq: ACXM) still employs more than 2,000 workers in Arkansas, and there are more than 100 job openings in the state.